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In an anonymous survey, we asked your clients how they use their QMS, and what their biggest quality management pain-points are.


The answers were surprising.

We wanted to know how to best serve our clients.


In an anonymous survey we asked 50,0000 quality management professionals and business leaders across many industries and organizations of all sizes, how and what they use their quality management system for.


Specifically, we wanted to understand the challenges they face with maintaining an effective management system.


Finally, it was important to know the perception of their management system as it relates to their customers.


We asked four simple questions.

Survey Question:

Which best represents your expectation of your Quality Management System?

What do you use your QMS for..JPG

Your clients have committed significant time, money and resources into their quality management. They want to derive real value from that investment. Here's how QMSC cloud-based quality management software delivers:

  • Experience improved access to relevant information from the customer to supply chain.

  • Reduce lost revenue with automatic algorithmic problem reporting; and ensure compliance through event-driven workflows, notifications of activities, training and documentation.

  • Simplify certification and compliance for businesses of all scales with our end-to-end approach for quality management.

Even if your client has a quality system only because it is customer required, their customer will be impressed with QMSC cloud-based quality management.

Survey Question:

What are the pain points in your business?

The data is clear. Document management, employee training, and non-conformances exhibit the most hurdles in any quality system. But they shouldn't. These processes are some of the most crucial to an effective management system. QMSC has best practice solutions to help:

Where are your pain points.JPG

Survey Question:

What are your challenges during customer audits?

The data point on the right is telling.


Continuous improvement implies a pursuit of excellence. In dynamic market and organizational conditions the goals and objectives of a business change regularly.

Organizations must adapt to remain relevant, competitive, and profitable. In regulated industries such as Oil & Gas, Automotive, Aerospace or Medical Device Manufacturing & Pharmaceutics, customer requirements weigh heavily on how a business implements a quality management system. These circumstances result in frequent customer audits.

Why are quality managers spending their time preparing for customer audits, or closing customer issued non-conformances? An effective quality management system should ensure compliance and promote interested party engagement with little to no action from the Quality Manager. QMSC QMS accomplishes this, and more. Read on to learn how

Closing Customer Audits.JPG

Survey Question:

Would you keep your QMS if your top customers did not require you to have one?

This is a validation of the first question. Your clients are communicating they rely on their quality management system for real, positive continuous change. They have already expressed where they have challenges in their organizations. QMSC has the tools necessary to solve their organizational problems. We better equip you to help them.

keep qms.JPG

How does QMSC help you help your clients?

Ensure Your On-demand Availability

Improve your accessibility and responsiveness to clients needs with our cloud-based quality management. With dedicated consultant user role, QMSC QMS ensures you can engage with them to identify and eliminate problems, issue employee training, address NCR's corrective actions, and more from anywhere in the world.

  • Automated workflows

  • Compliance Calendar with all your activities for easy navigation

  • Web-based forms manage all day-to-day quality management activities

  • Works seamlessly with your current quality management system

  • Auto-generated Alerts to key personnel identify negative trends from all aspects of the system to prevent costly errors and mistake


Want to see QMSC’s Cloud-based Quality Management Software in action?


Contact us today to schedule a demo or trial:

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