Terms and Conditions
You agree to pay the non-refundable fees described in this Service Order plus applicable taxes or other government charges. Our invoices to you will include applicable taxes and charges as well as actual travel expenses we incur in providing professional services and training. This Service Order will automatically renew on the Initial Term End Date for successive 12-month terms unless at least 30 days before the end of the then-current term one of us provides written notice to the other that it does not want to renew. This Service Order is subject to the Quality Management Systems & Consulting Services Agreement located at https://www.qualitymsc.com/services-agreement or attached to this Service Order.
This Service Order is between QMSC, LLC and Subscriber as of the Effective Date specified above. Each of us may sign this Service Order using an electronic or handwritten signature, which are of equal effect, whether on original or electronic copies.