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HAK Metrology Invests in Quality through Partnership with QMSC

Continuing in their commitment to excellence, HAK Metrology has selected QMSC as their implementation partner for ISO 17025 accreditation. Successful implementation will provide HAK Metrology with a certified management system and recognition of dimensional inspection and calibration performance, resulting in improved demonstration of capabilities and proficiency.

To attain ISO 17025 accreditation by an authorized body, their quality management system and technical competence will be thoroughly evaluated by a third-party and, with subsequent audits conducted on a regular basis to ensure on-going compliance. Accreditation means the laboratory has met the Management Requirements and Technical Requirements of ISO 17025 and is deemed technically competent to produce calibration and testing results.

HAK Metrology, located in Houston Texas, specializes in laboratory-based and onsite portable CMM inspection and programming, utilizing ultra-high accuracy coordinate measuring machines with continuous contact scanning capabilities. The laboratory also offers laser measurement services with a range of up to 160-meter radius.

QMSC provides quality management system consulting services to organizations of all sizes and, offers cloud-based quality management software. QMSC makes the process of certification and compliance simple and affordable for businesses of all scales, with an approach to quality management which reduces operating costs by automating and monitoring all administrative tasks to ensure compliance to the standard.

Please contact Dwight Klise, CFO and Quality Director to inquire further of HAK Metrology’s services at (281) 678-5305 and on the web at

For additional information regarding QMSC services, contact Marshall R. Williams, President & CEO at (832) 985-1221. Or on the web at

Official press release here

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