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We Feel Your Pain

Have you ever asked one of these questions? Our customers used to ask them too. Now they get answers and have the tools to fix real problems.

Click on a problem to learn more about our solutions:

Are audits done?
Are there audit non-conformances?

Are audit non-conformances still open?
Are there repeat non-conformances when auditing business processes (indicative of a major problem)?
Equipment maintenance / total productive maintenance / unplanned downtime problems?
How did a purchase order get sent to supplier XYX? They aren’t qualified to do that work!
How many times have we made this same stupid mistake?
How much money and time do we spend correcting the mistakes we make?
I can’t open the NCR log spreadsheet, someone else is using it.

Where is NCR 123? I can disposition it if I don’t have it. 
It seems like ever time we send an order to supplier XYZ, they mess it up
Were any inspection tools out of tolerance when calibrated? If so, was any product delivered to customers not compliant?
What is past due for calibration?
Why are my supplies always late?
Why are out of calibration tools used for inspecting product
Why are people printing out documents, keeping them past obsolesce rather than following current correct version?
Why are the revisions we agreed to make not in the document?
Why can we not find good suppliers?
Why can’t we fix the problems identified in audits?
Why can’t we keep the well qualified employee?

Why is our employee turnover so high?
Why did my supplier not read the purchase order?
Why did this NCR go to James, should have gone to John! Why do our NCR’s go to the wrong person every time?
Why do employees not use the work instructions and procedure?
Why do our internal auditors not find non-conformances but we make so many mistakes or have so many non-conformances?
Why do suppliers not get the documents they need from my purchaser?
Why do we have so much trouble training our employees?
Why do work instructions tell employees/managers/suppliers to do the wrong thing?
Why is it so difficult for me to find my quality manual?


We used to ask these questions too... so we created a platform to help answer some of the most challenging questions in business and solve problems.

To create the best platform possible, we started with an anonymous survey, we asked 50,000 quality managers and business owners how they use their quality management and what their biggest quality pain-points are.

The answers were surprising.

Survey Question:

Which best represents your expectation of your Quality Management System?

What do you use your QMS for..JPG

You have committed significant time, money and resources into your quality management. Derive real value from that investment with QMSC cloud-based quality management software:

  • Experience improved access to relevant information from your customer to suppliers.

  • Reduce lost revenue with automatic algorithmic problem reporting; and ensure compliance through event-driven workflows, notifications of activities, training and documentation.

  • Simplify certification and compliance for businesses of all scales with our end-to-end approach for quality management.

Survey Question:

What are the pain points in your business?

The data is clear. Document management, employee training, and non-conformances exhibit the most hurdles in any quality system. But they shouldn't. These processes are some of the most crucial to an effective management system. QMSC has best practice solutions to help. Read more here:

Where are your pain points.JPG

Survey Question:

What are your challenges during customer audits?

The data point on the right is telling.

Your customer's Supplier Quality Auditor has a powerful voice in selecting you as their top supplier. They may even be the final decision maker.

What message are you sending with stacks of records, word documents and spread sheets? Innovative and in control? Or antiquated and reactive?

In this competitive environment, 'the way it's always been done' is no longer good enough. 

The Supplier Quality professional who audits you, also audits your competition. It's not adequate to just meet the requirements, you have to stand apart. You're being graded against other businesses.

Closing Customer Audits.JPG

Survey Question:

Would you keep your QMS if your top customers did not require you to have one?

Organizations must adapt to remain relevant, competitive, and profitable. In regulated industries such as Oil & Gas, Automotive, Aerospace or Medical Device Manufacturing & Pharmaceutics, demonstrate your commitment to quality with simple and robust cloud-based quality management. 


QMSC QMS help you accomplish this and more with single click status of every aspect of your quality system.

keep qms.JPG

Want to see QMSC’s Cloud-based Quality Management Software in action?

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