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Non-conformance Management System

Non-conformance reporting is one of the most powerful tools in the quality assurance toolkit. Initiated at every level within an organization and at any point in the process, they are the vehicle we use to document, disposition and resolve day-to-day issues identified during regular business.


Challenges to effective NCR management are often:


  • A lack of clearly defined review and disposition process

  • Manual, paper-based methods and can be lost easily and only accessed by one person at a time.

  • Electronic files transmitted by email fail to clearly identify responsible parties during the disposition process or provide any form of real-time status

  • Lack of stakeholder ownership causes delays to a quick resolution of problems/quality issues

  • Organizational culture issues rooted in a negative perception


Additionally, smaller organizations with resource constraints are challenged with consistent execution.


When gaps in the non-conformance process exist, an organization will lack accurate quality system feedback, which results in ineffective trend analysis. An absence of precise data leads to more mistakes, lost revenue, and reduced profitability.


Here’s how QMSC

cloud-based software helps


Our cloud-based system simplifies your non-conformance process by providing end-to-end NCR management with 3 to 5 step workflows. You have complete flexibility to include client(s) and/or third-parties for collaboration when required for disposition or review.


You’ll always know which non-conformance reports need attention with system generated reminders that provide in-app and email notifications.


A negative employee perception of NCR use can result in a lack of data collection. Using the Quality management system and consulting trending tools will demonstrate how NCR’s are a useful, helpful tool.

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Key Capabilities

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