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Genius applies machine learning to all of your quality data to drive real business insights

Genius combines a powerful algorithm with machine learning, enabling you to go from reactive to proactive with your quality management. 

The Future of Quality Management is Here

When it comes to quality management, most companies have been stuck using the same tools for the past 50 years. But with the current advances in technology, you can do so much better. Using machine learning, Genius allows you to unlock the power of your quality data so you can make better business decisions.

Any industry, any size, every advantage

Regardless of your industry, Genius will give you a distinct edge in the marketplace by revolutionizing your approach to quality management.



Oil & Gas





How Genius Revolutionizes Your Approach to Quality Managment

Our powerful machine learning will turn your quality worries into wins.

Bring All Your Quality Data Together into One Single Source of Truth

Having your data spread across multiple platforms makes it impossible to understand. We pull all your quality data onto one platform, enabling you to find and solve problems faster. 

Identity and Solve Problems Before They Happen Using Prediction Technology 

Our powerful algorithm takes all your quality data and uses it to make predictions—so you can actually solve quality issues before they happen. 

Leverage Your Quality Data to Get Real Business Insights

Gain insights into your day-to-day operations and make better business decisions: find your lost profit and quickly pivot to the most relevant tasks. 

Go from Reactive to Proactive by Using Your Quality Data

More data can help your supplier selection be more efficient and effective.

Customizable Application

and Platform

Already have a quality management system? No sweat! Genius can be added to any quality management system, so you don't have to buy a whole new system to get Genius' next-level machine learning. 

Lightning-Fast Implementation

and Hands-on Support

Our friendly team of implementation experts helps you get Genius up and running fast so you can start saving. On avg., we help our clients get Core set up within 3-6 months.  



Thanks to our incredible team of implementation experts, getting Genius set up for your business is fast and easy.

Step 1

Talk to a

solutions expert

Step 2

Experience a customized demo 

Step 3

Implement Genius and start saving time and money



“With QMSC, we've been able to solve issues that have been holding us back, improve our on-time delivery, and reduce our scrap and rework. In some areas, we've reduced NCRs by as much as 71%."


Chad Danek

QHSE Manager

Enquest Energy Solutions

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Ready to bring your quality management into the 21st century? 

Learn more about how our powerful machine learning can revolutionize the way you approach quality management. 

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