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O Pulse torna sua cadeia de suprimentos mais eficiente, mais lucrativa e menos arriscada

A plataforma poderosa do Pulse   permite que você finalmente controle sua cadeia de suprimentos.

Dashboard and Analytics Reports

When a user logs on to QMSC, they're going to land on this page with, which is our dashboard and analytics page it's essentially a control panel. These charts and graphs can be custom modified very easily so that whatever you and your team members see whenever you log on is going to be what's most relevant to your business and operations. The data that can be presented here could be anything from any part of our application or even external data sources such as an ERP or engineering data.


Document Management

We have a fantastic document management system. I would put it up against anybody’s.  For some very specific reasons, whenever you do a search within our our application, you can do a content search so that you can actually parse the content and the information contained within a document. For some of our customers, they manage 50,000+ documents, and you can imagine what kind of challenges you would have looking through that many documents. With the content search in QMSC’s platform, you're going to be able to find what's relevant to you very quickly.


Asset Management

Another feature I'd like to point out is our asset management system. This is really well-suited system for test instrumentation and calibrated devices so if you want to be able to to have a gauge tracker, you can upload your existing spreadsheet or csv file that contains all of your current instrumentation that's used for test and inspection. We can track, manage, and generate certificates within this and even send out recall notices to the tool owners or to somebody who's managing your toolkit for instance.


Audit Management

Next up, I’d like to share with you our audit management system you can create templates and checklists. An audit can be scheduled and sent to other team members and even suppliers. We can have multiple assessors using the system concurrently, so if you have a team of auditors we can very easily manage that. You’re going to be able to assign a level of compliance, you can create non-performances or corrective actions out of an audit, and you can actually create very sophisticated checklists. You can add photographs and videos.

Nonconformance Management

One of the other things I'd like to point out is our nonconformance management is that it's really problem resolution. Our nonconformance management system is a material review board type process. It's very very flexible. It's easy to configure on your side as a QMSC customer. You will be able to add and modify fields, integrate with our product lifecycle management component and also supplier management features so that you can link a nonconformance to suppliers and your team members can get alerted. You can pull in and trend problems as it relates to a particular part and so it's a really really powerful nonconformance management system.


Product Lifecycle Management

One of the last things i'd like to point out here is our product lifecycle management. we think of it as a product lifecycle “light” management system, meaning that we're not trying to manage your engineering data management models. We can integrate with those very easily. As an admin you can import a list of parts or bill of materials for each part. We can manage multiple revisions. Some of the other things that we're able to do here for quality and planning is to send out a quality plan to suppliers or internal team members. Also, for the suppliers, you can list and link a supplier or multiple suppliers to a part or even a specific revision of the part.


Quality Planning

Our quality planning feature is very powerful. We have a lot of customers in automotive that use it. It's a very flexible tool so you can toggle between different views within a quality plan, so for instance, if I want to look at every quality plan that is assigned to a specific supplier I can expand that supplier's list of quality plans and part numbers and I can see what the status of each of those are. It's very very easy and intuitive to use.


User Account Management

The last feature I'd like to point out here is just how easy it is to set up an account. You can have multiple sites within your account. Within each account, you can create a list of groups or departments and this will allow you to to reflect the way that your business operations work today, where you're going to be able to add your team members to each group or department and then you've got a lot of power over the way that your account is set up. In other words, you don't have to come back to QMSC whenever you need to make some kind of minor change or add users or something like this.

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